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9.2% ABV

Kelley² is a super juicy, hazy; double New England IPA. Refreshing, well balanced, low in bitterness; packed with even more bright orange, lemon & grapefruit citrus flavor and aroma than our Sinshine. Day or night, Kelley² is best when shared with others, don’t make eye contact and never stop moving. Just like the original Kelley Square—contains no peanut.

Bay State Brewing Company Becky Likes the Smell Double IPA Can

Becky Likes The Smell

10% ABV

A dangerously crushable Double IPA. Juicy, malty and aromatic this east coast meets west coast Double IPA is loaded with flavor, low in bitterness and packed with 4 late hop additions of Jarrylo, Azacca, Mosaic and Citra. Sip it slow and savor the complex flavors and subtle hints of tropical fruit, pear, spice, melon, pine, and citrus. Also available on Nitro in limited releases.



5.6% ABV

Our version of a full-bodied “Oktoberfest” lager, perfect for your next masskrugstemmen. Brewed with German Pilsner, Vienna and Munich malts, as well as several kettle additions of Nobel hops. BeckToberfest is smooth and easy drinking with a malty flavor and aroma, light hop character and a rich aftertaste that balances strength and drinkability.

Bay State Brewing Company Felicia Nitro Coffee IPA Can

Felicia - Nitro Coffee IPA

6.5% ABV

The base beer is a well balanced West Coast IPA; full-bodied, slightly sweet, not bitter. Custom blended with cold brewed coffee from Armeno Coffee Roasters of Northborough MA. The result is a fusion of bright hop flavors, a strong malt base and subtle coffee notes that don’t overwhelm the flavor or color of the beer. Deep golden brown in color, Felicia finishes crisp like a refreshing iced coffee. A uniquely wonderful balance of the best of your morning coffee and a tasty all day IPA.

Bay State Brewing Company Sinshine New England IPA


6.9% ABV

Give in to temptation! Fresh from the grove, SINSHINE is a juicy, hazy New England IPA bursting with orange, grapefruit, melon, peach and tangerine flavors. The rocky white head holds the aroma of ripe tropical fruit. SINSHINE finishes smooth and creamy, with little bitterness.

Watermelon Crawl

5.0% ABV

Watermelon Crawl is a crisp refreshing watermelon infused lager…easy drinking and inviting like a cold slice of watermelon on a hot summer day.

Bay State Brewing Company Time Traveler Blonde Lager Can

Time Traveler

6.9% ABV

A New World Classic, Bay State’s Mai Bock is a big, bright, golden malty lager. Easy drinking and warming with substantial body and mouth feel and just a hint of sweetness. Made from generous amounts of Pilsner and Vienna malts, Bohemian hops and Bavarian lager yeast.

Bay State Brewing Company Hoppy Dreams American IPA Can

Hoppy Dreams

6.5% ABV

Hoppy Dreams is our take on the classic American IPA, a delicious blend of pale malt, Munich malt and lots of American Northwest hops. This balanced, full bodied IPA is clean, has a strong malt backbone and is slightly sweet. The aroma is deep and inviting featuring the American Northwest hop signature of citrus, floral and pine. The hop flavor is pronounced but not overly bitter and each sip finishes clean, inviting you back for another. Originally named after the brewer’s daughter Meg, who says the beer’s aroma reminds her of the open hop cones growing outside her bedroom window on warm August nights.

Bay State Brewing Company Velvet Revoluce Black Lager

Velvet Revoluce

5.2% ABV

Velvet Revoluce is a delicious Prague style black lager, named in honor of the Czech people who peacefully ended communist rule in 1989. Unlike any other dark beer you’ve had before our Original Black Lager is steeped in the history and flavor of Bohemia and resembles the original beers dating back to the 1500’s. Velvet Revoluce is a delicious light bodied, slightly sweet lager. The body is smooth, the aroma malty, and slightly fruity with hints of chocolate in the finish.